A wedding cake should not only look amazing but it should taste delicious as well. We have a delicious range of mouth-watering flavours that will complement your wedding cake perfectly.

Madagascan Victoria Sandwich 

Vanilla sponge sandwiched with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream.


Belgian Chocolate Truffle

Belgian chocolate sponge sandwiched with milk chocolate truffle buttercream.


Lemon Curd Drizzle

Lemon sponge coated in a light lemon drizzle sandwiched with lemon curd and fresh lemon buttercream.


Red Velvet

Bright red velvet sponge sandwiched vanilla buttercream.


Mint Chocolate

Mint chocolate sponge sandwiched with mint chocolate buttercream.


Rum & Raisin

Rum soaked raisin sponge sandwiched with rum soaked raisin buttercream.


Passion Fruit Curd

Vanilla sponge sandwiched with passion fruit curd and passion fruit buttercream.

Almond & Strawberry Jam

Almond sponge sandwiched with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream.



Coffee sponge sandwiched with vanilla buttercream.


Raspberry & Lemon Crush

Lemon sponge sandwiched with lemon curd, fresh raspberries and lemon buttercream.


Carrot, Walnut & Orange 

Carrot, walnut & orange sponge sandwiched with vanilla buttercream.


Oreo Cookie

Oreo cookie sponge sandwiched with Oreo cookie buttercream.


Chocolate Orange 

Orange sponge sandwiched with fluffy chocolate orange buttercream.


Sticky Toffee

Sticky toffee sponge sandwiched with toffee buttercream.

 Raspberry & White Chocolate

White chocolate sponge sandwiched with raspberry jam and white chocolate buttercream.


Rich Hint of Chocolate Fruit Cake

Rich brandy fruit cake with packed with dried fruit, chocolate drips and cherries.


Salted Caramel

Vanilla sponge sandwiched with salted caramel sauce and salted caramel buttercream.


Apple & Cinnamon 

Vanilla sponge sandwiched with apple sauce and cinnamon buttercream.


Orange Drizzle Curd 

Orange sponge sandwiched with orange curd and orange buttercream.


Coconut & Raspberry

Fluffy coconut sponge sandwiched with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream.



Your favourite flavours.